Scholarships to Study in Canada 2021-2022

Scholarships to Study in Canada 2021-2022:

Global Affairs has  announced that the applications for Canada scholarships program are open  for international students for 2021-2022 academic year. This program will offer academic scholarships for up to 2 years of study at the level of  post-secondary that chiefs to a diploma, post-graduate degree , certificate or master’s degree at  university or a college in Canada.

The Scholarships  to Study in Canada program is  now open to students from all disciplines. Applicants  must first apply for the admission to full-time academic program at a Canadian post-secondary institution to avails this  scholarship. Eligible applicants are informed  to apply for this Scholarship Global Affairs Canada.

Scholarship Sponsors: Global Affairs Canada

Scholarship institute: Canadian College or can be University

Scholarship level: Undergraduate and  Masters

Scholarship Worth: See Scholarship benefits (mentioned below)

Subject Eligibility: Any Full-time undergraduate & postgraduate courses acceptable in any Canadian University.

Country/Candidate Eligibility: This  scholarship is for all international students.


Scholarships to Study in Canadian universities 2021-2022 | ELIGIBILITY

Candidates must be residents of one of following mentioned countries/territories:

  • Asia: Bangladesh, Nepal, Taiwan
  • Europe: Ukraine ,Turkey
  • Middle East and North Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda
  • Candidates
  • must enrolled themselves as full-time students at post-secondary institutions in the mentioned eligible  countries and wil paying any tuition charges required by these universities at the time of application and for the full period of the exchange;
  • the candidates which  hold Canadian citizenship , permanent Canadian residency or who’s application for permanent residency is pending  in Canada are not eligible;
  • already participating/participated in any exchange scholarship program funded by the Government of Canada are not eligible for this scholarship
  • already enrolled in a program at any post-secondary institution in Canadian are not eligible.

Scholarship Benefits

The benefits of scholarship varies depending on the duration of course :

  • for undergraduate or graduate students CAD 10,200  for college, (Master’s and PhD) for a minimum of 4 months or one academic term of research or study o r
  • for graduate students CAD 12,700 (Master’s and PhD) for a period of 5 to 6 months of study.

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Application Procedure


The Canadian post-secondary institutions can  submit  applications on behalf of any student who encounters the eligibility criteria of this program and has indicated interest to Scholarships to Study in Canada 2021-2022

Application Deadline: 30st March, 2021

Visit the official website to apply


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