8 Scholarships for Chinese Students Studying Abroad in 2022


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Studying abroad in another country can be an exciting and life-changing experience, but it’s not free. If you’re planning to study abroad next year, you may be wondering how you can pay for it. Luckily, there are Scholarships for Chinese Students out there just waiting to help you offset the cost of your living expenses. Even if you don’t win one of these scholarships outright, they can provide insight into what you should include in your own application and tell you what scholarship committees are looking for in winners from your own country or others around the world.

Australia Awards

The Australia Awards are offering Scholarships for Chinese Students to citizens of developing countries and territories to study, research, or teach in a tertiary institution or vocational education and training organisation. Candidates must have a proven track record of leadership, community service and academic or professional achievement. Applicants will be assessed on their personal achievements as well as potential to contribute to their communities and societies. Up to 90 awards are offered annually with up to 8 awards reserved for Australians studying abroad.

Also apply for:

Fulbright Scholarships for Chinese Students

Offered by International Scholarships, The Fulbright Scholarship is designed to encourage U.S. citizens to study abroad and foreign nationals to study in the United States through a process of competitive selection. Each year, The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs awards approximately 1,000 grants worldwide. (Department of State)

Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship

The prestigious Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship program offers three awards of $5,000 each to students from China who are planning to attend a post-secondary institution outside of their home country. These scholarships are funded by international Rotary members and provide valuable financial support to deserving students. Each award covers tuition costs and provides a stipend for living expenses; additional grants may be available depending on the host country’s entry requirements.

UNSW Foundation Engineering Overseas Graduate Award

The UNSW Foundation Engineering Overseas Graduate Award is a scholarship to assist graduates from UNSW with travel and living expenses associated with completing their studies at an overseas institution. Amount: Up to $10,000 Deadline: October 22nd, 2019 Who’s Eligible? Applicants must be eligible for graduation from UNSW with an undergraduate or postgraduate degree by July 1st, 2020.

IDP Education USAID China Environmental Fellowship

These Scholarships for Chinese Students will covers two years of graduate study and provides $200,000 to pay tuition at a U.S. university; an annual stipend of $21,400 is paid directly to the student; up to $4,500 is provided for language training. Fellows are awarded funding for 12 months prior to their commencement date and six months following their program end date. Additionally, selected fellows receive one-time support to cover expenses related to relocating and departing China as well as settling in their new home country.

Ford Motor Company Fund Fellowship

The Ford Motor Company Fund, an educational nonprofit based in Dearborn, Michigan, is offering scholarships for American students to study abroad at universities and colleges within mainland China. The program provides funding for U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents who are enrolled full-time at a two-year or four-year institution of higher education (university or college) within continental U.S., Alaska, and Hawaii only.

US Embassy Beijing Cultural Affairs Work & Study Program

The US Embassy Beijing Cultural Affairs Work & Study Program (CAWSP) is a popular program that gives Scholarships for Chinese Students for hse who are interested, motivated undergraduate and graduate students from China an opportunity to gain first-hand experience with American democracy, culture, society and educational opportunities. As a participant of CAWSP, you will work and study at designated host institutions in New York City or Washington DC. Participating institutions include major universities such as Columbia University, Fordham University and George Washington University.

Also apply for:

US Department of State Critical Language Scholarship Program (CLS)

The State Department’s Critical Language Scholarship Program (CLS) offers several grants each year to support U.S. citizen undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students who are studying critical need foreign languages at U.S. higher education institutions through immersive language programs abroad. CLS awards can be up to $30,000 over an academic year and up to $40,000 over two academic years of full-time study in a single language with a fully funded program abroad during each academic year of funding.

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