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Looking for BT101 Current Midterm Papers 2022? If yes, then you are on the right page. Here are BT101 Current Papers 2022. BT101 Midterm Past Papers 2022.

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Students must prepare these bt101 interim papers in 2022. It can also provide basic topics of bt101 continuous paper, question outline paper.




Bt-101 at 12 o’clock

Q-1: What are omnivores? 2

Q-2: Write the effects of noise pollution. 2

Q-3: Write proofs of the theory of natural selection. 3

Q-4: Write the development of third atmosphere? 3

Q-5: Write a note on water pollution? 5

Q-6: write the characteristics of r-selected species? 5

Note: All mcqs are from Arsalan and Aman and Imra expensive files.

Good luck.


BT101 Current Midterm Papers 2022

Mcqs mostly from m.lmran file

Question what Darwin wants HMS beagle to work for 5 years. Question 2 methods of treatment Q.3 evidence of the theory of natural selection. Question 4 Difference between mimicry and masking. Question 5 Decomposition process


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BT101 documents in PDF format

Bt 101 12:00


Mcq’s were as simple as regular stuff. 50 percent from Imran’s folder.


2 long questions of 5 marks each.


1. Invasive species. Detailed note


2. Detailed note for consumers


3. primary productivity 3 points


4. detail of dwarf organs 3 stamps


Lower and upper height of the mesosphere.


Bt 101 7:00 p.m

Long questions 1 decomposition note

2 wastewater treatment

Short question 1 category of water pollution

2 Effect of noise load


BT 101

Trophic zone


Inheritance, lamarck wala 5

A limiting factor

Primary and secondary treatment

Ar mcqs mostly sr Arslan file




Define torpor 2

Residual organs 2

Activity affecting biomagnification 3

Principle of energy flow 3

Energy flow in the ecosystem 5

Acid rain 5


My bt101 paper

Cabin cycle 5

Water pollution strategy 3

R selected species 5

Note on atmosphere 3

Comparative Anatomy 2

Mcqs mostly sir arslan file


My bt101 article today

Global warming 2

Trophic level productivity2

Types of succession 3

Ozone removal3

Long: Acid Rain 5

Logistic population growth 5

Pesido code likha tha..

Asyp. The growth of batani thi.

And he described 3 asymptotic notations of likhni thi




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1—-A gas composed of 3 oxygen atoms. (Ozone)

2—remains of a print or footprint of any living creature are preserved (fossil)

3Osmoregulation is a physiological adaptation to conserve (water)

4Cascade effect — apex Predator in the environment (removal)

5The theory of uniformitarianism states that the earth can be more than — years (6000)

6—is the process of increasing the concentration of toxic substances (biomagnification)

7. sound that is undesirable or disrupts the quality of life (noise)

8.Organic compound contains — compounds (carbon)

9.541 million years ago 0² became stable — atmosphere (15%)

10.—quickly changes its colors (chameleon)

11. two or more species living in the same habitat reciprocally — mutual development. (influence)

Today’s bt101 paper

1.Define parasitism with 2 characters

2. Pre-treatment of wastewater 2 marks

3. Types of omnivores 3 marks

4. Describe the biogeography of 3mark

5. Invasive species 5 marks

6. Difference between r_selected and k_selected species


Mcqs from leaflets and files half of the past year

Good luck 👍


Bt101 paper today at 2.30 pm

Activities associated with biological augmentation… 2

Types of parasites… 5

Analogy and homology… 5

Groundwater percolation and transpiration… 3



Bt101 My paper

Time: 16:00


2) Excessive use..2

3) Invasive species..3

4) Influence of population growth…3

5) wastewater treatment …5

6) Difference between evolution and plentology….5

MCQs were mostly from the set…..

Good luck 👍🏻


Today my bt101 paper 8:30

All McQs from past papers are easy

1: Composition of the first atmosphere

2: comparative anatomy

3: how many types of feeding in the food chain

4: define evolution and niche

Long question⬇️ 5 points

5: describe evolution and paleontology



1. process of condensation

2.formula or exponential growth

3. define transpiration, precolation, groundwater.

4. consumer resources in the ecosystem

5. differ btw homology and analogy

Mcqs almost lecture m sy hi ty sary



Time 16:00

Mcqs from ppts

Q1; example of decomposers (2 points)

Q2 : define redraw (3 marks)

Q3: How energy flows in the trophic level (5 points)

Q4: ozone depleting substances (5 marks)

Q5: Differentiate between black and white autolysis and putrefaction (3 points)


Paper BT101

1. Who and when proposed Darwin’s theory

2.Define the site and write the components of the site

3. Water pollution

4. Invasive species

5.exponential growth

6. grazing and browsing

Almost 15 mcqs sir arslan ki file sy thy


1. An organism needs -_—— to survive

Answer: energy


bt 101 at 4:00 p.m

McQ from the Imran files and some of the leaflets

Define parasitism

Sources of nitrogen


Effects of Global Warming (5)

Realized niche to define

Factors damaging the ozone layer


My Bt101 paper

Define trophic level

Autolysis and putrefaction

Exponential growth long

Analogy and homology long

Global warming .3 marks Ka

Source of waste water, 3 marks


BT101 time 14:30

Homology and analogy 5 points

Aposematism 5 points

Phases of the water cycle 3 brands

Fossil 2 marks

Feeding strategy 2 points

Mcqs k6 file se or k6 conceptual


bt 101

Time 16 hours

Define gross primary production(2)

Define stratospheric ozone

Write the factors affecting the rate of reproduction(3)

Explain biogeography (3)

Wastewater treatment methods(5)

Types of parasites.(5)


IT 101

Time 16:00

Define transpiration, percolation, groundwater

The benefits of atmosphere

Explain Acid Rain

Feeding in the food chain


bt101 paper

4:00 a.m

1. name the activity occurring in the bio_magnification ?2 tag

2. write the formula for exponential population growth ?2 marks

3. How can pollution be classified? 3 marks

4. What are the types of biological clocks? 3 r_selected spiceies?5mark

6. evolution of paleontology? 5 brands

msqs from a previous file or flyer





Ecological niche


Grazer and browser

The carbon cycle

Mcqs mostly from file


bt 101 at 7 p.m

Define population 2 marks. comparative anatomy 2 marks

Transport, seepage and groundwater 3 marks

Factors that affect the reproductive rate of 3 marks

Types of parasites 5 marks

Primary and secondary treatment 5 marks

Subjective Sara sir arslan ki new update file with tha

Mcqs kuch sir arslan ki file or kuch conceptual but easy



Trophic level 2

Water pollution5ak 5 marks Ka yad ni AAA ra