College & University Scholarship for USA

College & University Scholarship for USA

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The RentHope Apartment Studentship grants up to $2000 a year to qualified undergraduate learners in bachelors and subordinate degree programs in the United States of America who validate the desire, diligence, management, and an business spirit that is essential to our company values. To get this scholarship, firstly apply, write an essay under 500 words that keep an eye on the following method: Covid-19 has radically stuck the world and will carry on to alteration how society visions about home as a place of existing, functioning, and learning. What was your most unforgettable practice during the 2020 epidemic, and how has it altered your learning, line of business, and life strategies? Defer to the essay using our studentship request form – see link beneath. You have to use email address of your school. In case, If your school does not permit you to practice their email  then you can use your own email address, however, we will eventually need to check your suitability if you are selected to be the beneficiary of our grant.

Other Criteria

You must be a existing student in an qualified scholar program or a proceeding high school senior, functioning towards a bachelor degree or acquaintances degree. To discover more info checked out the link beneath.


Amount of this scholarship 1000 US dollars

You must be learning in one of the following states:

United States of America

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You can apply Till 30 Apr and Aug 31 every year.

You must be from one of the following nations:

There no restriction of any country.

Number of Awards

Only 1 time you can avail this opportunity.

You must be learning one of the following institutions

:No restriction of any institution.


Prizes comprise of the following: Cash grant of $1000 A RentHop T-shirt An full-time or part-time job with RentHop (noncompulsory) Other exhilarating prizes to be declared.

College & University Scholarship for USA

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