CS301p Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2022

CS301p Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2022

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As discussed earlier, the solution is said to work best when solving a problem within its service issues. What does it mean? On a computer, we have a hard disk, memory and other computer hardware. Secondly we have time. Suppose you have a problem-solving plan that takes two months. It will not help.

Usually, you do not have that much time and cannot wait two months. Suppose data is too large to be stored on disk. Here we also have a resource problem. This means that we have to write resource analysis plans to find a solution as quickly as possible. There are always costs associated with these services. We may need a faster and better CPU that can be purchased. At times, we may need to purchase a memory.

As long as the data structures and systems are affected, you should set a time limit for this. While you work for the company, you will be paid for this. All of these requirements including computer, your time and computer time will determine whether the solution you have provided is appropriate or not. If its benefits are not available, the system or computer is faulty.
So the purchase of a fast computer, while we are studying this course, does not really help us to solve the problem. With the advent of Computer Architecture you will see how efficient solutions can be customized with hardware. In this tutorial, we will use software namely data structures, algorithms and recipes where computer problems can be solved with a quick solution.

Finally choose a data structure that meets these requirements to a large extent. Without it, enough experience, it will be difficult to decide which data structure is best. We can get help online, in books or from someone you know that problems have been resolved. We can find the same example and try to apply it. After this tutorial, you will be familiar with the data structures and algorithms used to solve computer problems.

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When using the current pointer, it means that wherever the current pointer is located, retrieve data from that location, enter data after that location or update the data in that location. In this case, we do not have to use numbers. But it is our responsibility to ensure that the current pointer is used correctly.
When we remove an element from a current location in the list, its space becomes blank. The current identifier resides in the same location. To fill in the blanks, we move the elements to the right of this empty space in one place to the left. If we remove an element at the beginning of the list, we must remove all remaining elements in one place to the left.

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