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In 2022, students must prepare these CS401 Current Midterm Papers 2022. Also it can provide basic topics for continuous preparation of cs401 2022 questions outline paper.

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Looking for CS401 Current Midterm Paper 2022? If yes, then you are on the right page. Here are CS401 Current Papers 2022. CS401 Midterm Past Papers 2022.

CS401 Current Midterm Papers 2022

Cs401 Paper


Why do we use the REP prefix with the tha block processing instruction

What is the prefix segment rewrite function and what changes does it bring to the opcode

What will be the effect of the REPE &ripen instruction on the null flag

Similarity or difference btna tha CMP and SUB ma

Working of addressing mode ko explain krna tha

Past ppr sa th mcqs

Cs401 Papers

Mcqs past file with thy.

Questions 3:

1) Write three names of the logical part of the report.

2) What information is represented by each byte in the video memory?

Questions 5 points

1) how does the linear memory model work?

2)CF=1 and AX=0x64, new value of AX register and carry flag after RCL AX execution, 1?

3) stack data structure using direct call segment?
paper Cs401

ASCII syntax proved it 5 points


Explain Base+index 3marks


The ip registry values ​​are the same and the wheb call update instruction is an extra 5 points


Ascii stands behind the enemy

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CS401: Mid Spring 2022


MCQ: From Past Papers (Moaaz file is very important)

CS401 Current Midterm Papers 2022


Q1. Identify the operation and operands from the given codes.

Moving Ax, 5

Mov bx, 10 (3)

Q2. How are local variables created and accessed in a symbolic instruction language? (5)

Q3. Subroutine calling process with respect to stack data structure and using direct call between segments? (5)

Q4. Name the registers that have upper half and lower half. Names only. (5)

Q5. I forgot one question for 3 points.


Tip: Read the highlighted materials before starting the past papers. And keep priority Moaz Files.Cs401 Today paper

2 long thy or dono ma instructions di hwi thi wo perform kr k onky component btany thy…


2 short question or dono hi register ky relted thy..


Or mcqs bhi easy thy.




Mcqs: registers k related, call operation with 2-3 mcqs, SHL related tha


– basic commands likhin thin or un main error find krna tha like move ax, bx wrong ha or mov ax, bx right ha 3-marks

– Local variable and where to store it 5 marks

– selective bit inversion to lowest nibble 100110b. 5 points

– segment rewrite prefix function and influence on the operation code of 5 marks

1 more question of 3 points


Cs401 done today


Some mcqs were from moaaz intermediate set

A subjective ma 1 program ka working likhni thie

Write a program to multiply a 4 bit number by 2

Background and foreground colors for attributes

And physical address to find krna


CS401 Current Midterm Papers 2022

mcq mostly previous papers waqar & moaz wali files se

two short questions thy

ek tha define byte with example

dusra tha display colors

three long questions for you

1. program tha registry wala lines gave krni the aur error sahi krny

2. offset & ….

3. variable ki to function lekha thy aur match cranes tha each other with example


CS401 Current Midterm Papers 2022

MCQs were from past papers


Q.. 1

Difference between logical right shift and arithmetic right shift? Marks 3


How do MOVS instructions work? Marks 3


I have this tutorial

MOV [AX+BX+30] iska btana tha k je m konsa physical design ya hogi usage strategy? Marks 5