CS403 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2022

CS403 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2022

CS403 Assignment Part 1 Resolution Spring 2022: The work to be done is submitted after the deadline. The task to be sent does not open or the file is corrupted. The work to be done is copied in whole or in part from other students or ditto copied in handouts or online. The student ID is not specified in the activity file or the file name is outside the student ID. The task to be performed was not sent in the .doc or .docx format.

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Suppose you need to create an E-Furniture Store system model for the organization to gain a complete understanding of the background. This E-Furniture program provides a distribution of furniture throughout the country.

Anyone can view the available items but only clients are registered individual users or distributors who can share the website. Clients will be able to purchase items available on the website, they can also place a customized item order with their choice of building materials, fabrics, description, wood type, quantity of items, etc. commands. Clients will also be able to view and download the invoice.

The manager can view order details and can process orders. He can also make invoices. The manager also wants to keep a record of the stock available. Managers can issue custom orders to carpenters and can view shared order details. Clients will be able to view shared details of customized orders, and can also update order status.

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As the name suggests that the minimum cardinal is the opposite of the cardinal size so we can say that the minimum cardinal indicates how many business conditions can be incorporated into at least one relationship. Simply put, it can be said that a minimum cardinal indicates that communication between the two relationships is voluntary or mandatory. It is very important to determine the minimum card size when designing a database because it describes how the website system will be used.

we have one very many cardinality between organizations. The cardinal quantity is indicated by a modifier from the link and adjacent to the business rectangle. Another adjacent adjacent to the top cardinal correction tells the minimum of the cardinal. The small rate of cardinality conversion is a bit further from the business compared to the higher cardinality switch.

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