CS504 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2022

CS504 Assignment 1 Solution for Spring 2022: You must submit your work to be done before or by the deadline by VULMS. Your assignment should be your assignment in your own words. It should not be copied online, in handouts, or in books. Your Shared Resolution should be in a Microsoft Word document format.

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Shared solutions without Microsoft Word documents will not be accepted. Assignments sent via email will not be answered and accepted. If the submitted assignment is not opened or the file is corrupted, it will not be marked and zero marks.

Home Aide is a mobile application for android platform. It is used by housewives and aims to make their lives easier by doing some of their chores and supporting them. This application provides custom installation. It offers various features such as a family corner where the location of the husband and children can be tracked. There is a kitchen where new recipes can be found and recipes can be used to make grocery lists, food can be organized and made with cookbooks. Budget management can be done in the budget management corner where costs are recorded and budget allocated.

Reminders can be set for daytime activities. Self-care corner helps maintain beauty, health, and good health. There is also a housing corner where housekeepers can be hired according to the needs of the user. There is an Event where a list of invitations and invitations is handled. There is also a fun corner where season songs and games are available, and registration and reviews of fashion products are provided. The Life Hacks Corner gives users access to a variety of creative and problem-solving ideas related to everyday tasks.

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Provides the user with recipe management services such as from search to customization and sharing recipes, all of which can be done. Provides the management feature of the kitchen groceries list and the kitchen budget. Allow users to subscribe to various channels and fashion brands to receive their notifications. Allow users to listen to their favorite songs and playlists that automatically hear the weather.

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