CS507 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2022

CS507 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2022

CS507 Assignment Part 1 Resolution 2022: No work will be accepted after the date set by email in any case (whether power outage or internet malfunction etc. So stop loading tasks to be performed in the last hour. It is recommended to upload the solution file at least two days before its closing date.

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Question 1:

Any company, large or small, needs a system to collect, process, store and distribute data. These tasks took a lot of time and paperwork. Modern technology is now being used by businesses to simplify and automate these processes. Data processing and decision-making have become increasingly dependent on information systems. They can have a positive effect on the overall performance of the organization and its revenue if used properly.

Remembering the benefits of information systems, you need to identify the major areas of information systems and the performance of sites.

Question 2:

The organization’s administrative system can be categorized as “open” or “closed.” Closed systems operate on their own with little or no impact, while open systems interact with other systems through the free flow of information.

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Here is a table in which the various activities mentioned are common in any organization on a daily basis. Therefore, you need to identify which function is the program open or closed according to the operating environment.

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