Cs507 Assignment 2 Solution 2022

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Cs507 Assignment 2 Solution 2022

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Identify the entities and attributes from the following scenarios.

There is ABC Bank where people can open their accounts. To open an account, they have to provide their name, father’s name, CNIC number, address and source of income. After opening the account, they will receive an account number and a checkbook. They can deposit and withdraw money from their account.

Cs507 Assignment 2 Solution 2022

ABC School has 3 branches in 3 different cities. Each branch is assigned a different code. Each branch announces admissions twice a year. To get admission in a particular branch of the school, students have to apply online. Students have to fill the online registration form in which they have to mention their CNIC#, name, branch code and class in which admission is required. After filling the form, students will receive their test schedule with roll number, test date and test center. CS507 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2022

Note: You have to only extract entities and attributes given in the above scenarios. Extracting of extra attributes is not required. Provide your answer in the following table. Mention each entity and attribute on the single line with proper numbering.

Scenario Entities Attributes

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Question #2: Draw an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) of the scenario Showing all entities, attributes (any three) and relationships with the correct notations.

Note: After extracting entities from a given scenario, you must extract any three relevant entity attributes using domain knowledge, unless clearly specified in the scenario. Use the correct notations for entities, attributes, primary key attributes, and relationships.

Cs507 Assignment 2 Solution 2022

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