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Students have to prepare these CS507 Current Midterm Papers 2022. It can also provide cs507 midterm preparation 2022 basic topics, question paper review.

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Looking for CS507 Current Midterm Paper 2022? If yes, then you are on the right page. Here are CS507 Current Papers 2022. CS507 Midterm Past Papers 2022.



1 The question is possible for non-experts on tasks previously performed by an expert.

2 Q. write three lifestyle models

3 Q. XYZ Ltd is facing many problems due to manual handling of information within the organization. how will it manage to give suggestions.

4Q. write some steps involved in evaluating IT planning.

5Q. what are the different subsystems in manufacturing information systems. give any cs507 paper

Any five stages of 5 Mark’s model waterfall


If organization ka scenario tha k inko manual information can problems hai tuh 4 arguments dain aisa kuch tha 5 Mark’


The role of the production department in the organization 5 Mark’


3 differences between procedure and system 3 Mark’s itna hi yaad hai

Paper Cs507

Difference b/w procedure and system

The role of MIS in an organization

The goal of CRM

Discuss the stages

Xyz ltd 04 proposal to take over manual system,




2) A company scenario was given. abc company works manually which system do you propose 3 advantages 5 points

3) authoritative management style 3 points

4) Waterfall model 3 marks

5) Big organizational factor

6) decision-making related sy



Managerial level. 5

Challenges faced in business. 3


System and its type. 3


1.Factors of a large organization…5

2.Incremental model…5

3.Which management system allows the manager to make all decisions.2

4. What is system analysis. 2

5.SDCL subsystems.3



1) Waterfall model stage 5 points

2) Main tasks of data processing in the transaction……… 5 points

3) Virtual Uni of Pakistan 2system and 3example procedure 5 points?

4) Physical model of DSS with an example


CS507 Paper flow

18 mcqs

Factors of large organizations (5 points)

Types of documentation/manuals (3 points)

Which techniques used by model-driven DSS give a valid reason when inventory increases by 10% (3 points)?

1 data transaction Wala tha ku6 esa TCP ya TSP (5 points)

When managers make decisions, they go through certain stages, say the stages and describe each one (5 points)

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All mcqs from handouts

Some conceptual basis




Who is a Systems Analyst?

And what is the role in the organization?

2 Mark

Disadvantage of participative style


Rational model types ki long


18 mcqs

5 questions


Paper Cs507

Q1) In which management style manager makes all the decisions. (3 points)

Q2) List the factors of large organizations? (5 points)

Q3) Elaborate CBIS components (5 points)

Q4) Why is the manufacturing subsystem critical in a manufacturing information system (5 points)

Q5) List the stages of decision making process. (3 points)

Q6) Explain the Rational Man model with its types (5 Marks)

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Paper Cs507 today

All mcqs from handouts

3 points waly question conceptual thy

5 points…SDLC wala thaa ..

5.brands…..production development wala thaa


Cs507 today’s paper

Mcqs sary normal se thy easy e thy

Aik long SDLC question to models mai incremental model explain krna tha

Aik long question mai statement di v thi ny tou btana tha k konsa management style appropriate hy

Aik question tha marketing and management to btany thy level


CS507 paper time

Mcq mostly from handouts and some from the previous quiz.

1) Small organization 3 points

2) Three goals of a large organization 3 points

3) 5 decision stages 5 points

4) Production information system 5 points

5) Any 5 factors of a large organization 5 points


CS507 today

All the MCQs were easy and from the material except a few from the Past Papers.


Here are the subjective questions I got:


A good manager must have good decision-making skills. In order to make good decisions, they must go through certain stages of decision-making. You must write the names of these stages and briefly describe them.

(5 points)


Which computer-based information system (CBIS) is used by senior managers to make strategic decisions when decisions are not routine and require judgment and evaluation? And how is this system useful for the organization in the decision-making process? (Give any three points) (5 points)


CS507 Current Paper


18 MCQs (mostly from past papers)

1-List any 3 SDLC models (3 points)

2-Identification of external and internal resources (Same as task) (3 points)

3-The most suitable IS for the given case/situation (past paper) (5 points)

4-List any 5 bases for identifying large organizations (5 points)

5-List the decision-making methods of rational individuals (5 points)