ENG101 Gdb 1 Solution Spring 2022

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ENG101 Gdb 1 Solution Spring 2022

Eng101 Gdb 1 Solution Spring 2022: Write your own thoughts on the given topic. Your comments should NOT exceed 150-200 words. GDB has a weight of 3% in your final rating. Your comments should be clear, concise and relevant to the topic. Creative and original ideas written in correct English will be highly appreciated. Any classified discussion board (GDB) inquiries will not be addressed on the regular MDB. For questions or queries regarding the topic, you can send a ticket to eng101. Please do not send your comments via email or regular MDB. Comments posted on the regular MDB or sent by email will not be graded. Do not post your comments twice. No marks will be awarded for plagiarism.

ENG101 Gdb 1 Solution Spring 2022

Give your opinion on ONE of the topics listed. The topics for GDB are:

Let’s say you are about to launch a new product. Name the product and create an interesting tagline about it. Also explain how you would market the product.

What is the best way to find a job; either by gaining more knowledge and education or through more practical skills? Explain your choice with logical arguments.


Product name: Apple

Slogan: Think differently

When you develop a new product for your organization and then think about how to get that product to customers. And how to market your product, all these things become very important after the product is made. Several methods are used to market a product. What we also call promotion. Exclusive previews are the first way to promote a product in the market. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, as well as a dozen others, offer many ways to promote your product. You can run campaigns that target your intended audience relatively cheaply. Digital, like traditional billboards, offer a fantastic way to market your product. Placing a print ad in magazines and newspapers is relatively inexpensive and ensures that your product is seen by a certain clientele. With email marketing, you advertise your email list using a magnet as an incentive for website visitors to subscribe. Electronic media is a general term for any medium that requires an electronic device to access the content. The most common forms of electronic media include television, radio, the Internet, and content for mobile devices.

ENG101 Gdb 1 Solution Spring 2022

Solution topic 2:

Both things are very important in my opinion to get any job. More education often leads to better job stability and pay. With theoretical learning, you gain knowledge about new things and innovate old ones. You will retain more information in theoretical learning because you are dealing with a large amount of content and information that could be useful for your practical experience.

Hands-on learning includes experiential and hands-on learning. You will become more familiar with tools or equipment that you may need to use in the future while on the job. Without practical learning, it is not possible to apply what you study in a theoretical education system. Knowledge learned in a hands-on situation is more likely to stick with you forever, as you can retain everything you’ve done through exposure.