HAN University Scholarships 2024 In Netherlands

Are you an aspiring international student looking to experience the beauty of the Netherlands while pursuing your dreams of higher education? Look no further! HAN University Scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate are now open and it will help you embark on this exciting journey. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the world of HAN University and its fantastic scholarship opportunities.

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About HAN University

HAN University, located in the Netherlands, is one of the finest educational institutions in the country. Its mission is to empower, support, and prepare students for their future professional endeavors and citizenship. HAN is not just a university; it’s a rapidly evolving innovator in a dynamic and complex global community. Their goal is to maximize personal impact and social policy by connecting students and professionals.

What sets HAN apart is its dedication to providing fast and high-quality education. They offer personalized guidance, ensuring that each student gets the attention they need to thrive in their chosen field. The learning environment is designed to provide students with the peace and security required for academic and social interaction. At HAN, students are treated with the utmost care and respect, as if they were seasoned professionals. The personal relationship between students and faculty is at the heart of HAN’s educational approach.

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Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs

HAN University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, giving you the choice to pursue your undergraduate or postgraduate studies in a field that suits your interests and career goals. Here are some of the options available:

Bachelor’s Studies:

  • Automobile Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Communication
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Embedded Systems Engineering
  • International Business
  • International Social Work
  • Life Sciences
  • Mechanical Engineering

Master’s Studies:

  • Engineering Systems
  • Engineering Systems: Automobile Systems
  • Engineering Systems: Control Systems
  • Engineering Systems: Embedded Systems
  • Engineering Systems: Lean Engineering
  • Engineering Systems: Sustainable Energy
  • Molecular Life Sciences

HAN University Scholarships in the Netherlands

Now, let’s talk about the exciting part – scholarships! HAN University provides scholarships for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs to non-EU/EEA nationality holders. The amount of the scholarship varies depending on the type of scholarship and the study program. Let’s break it down:

Bachelor’s Scholarships:

  • Orange Tulip: This scholarship is worth €12,500 and is open to applicants from Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Indonesia, Russia, South Korea, South Africa, and Vietnam.
  • HAN Holland: The scholarship amount is €12,500, and non-EU/EEA international students can apply.
  • Benefits: This scholarship offers €7,500 to applicants with non-EU/EEA citizenship.
  • Guidelines for Honors Scholarship: Students don’t need to apply for this scholarship; it is awarded to those who excel in their first semester.

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Master’s Scholarships:

The master’s scholarships mirror the options available for bachelor’s programs, but the scholarship amounts differ:

  • Orange Tulip: The Orange Tulip Scholarship for a master’s program at HAN is €5,000 and is open to applicants from Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Indonesia, Russia, South Korea, and Vietnam.
  • HAN Holland: The scholarship amount for HAN Holland is €5,500, and applicants should not be from EU/EEA countries.
  • Honors: This scholarship offers €2,500 to applicants with non-EU/EEA citizenship.
  • Guidelines for Honors Scholarship: Similar to the bachelor’s program, students applying for a master’s degree at HAN do not need to apply for an honorary scholarship; it is awarded based on academic performance.

Application Deadlines

To start your academic journey at HAN University in September, make sure to apply before April 1st. If you’re looking to begin your studies in February, submit your application by October 1st.

How to Apply for HAN University Scholarships?

The application process is straightforward, with just five simple steps:

Step 1: Enrollment

  • Apply before the undergraduate or graduate course deadline.

Step 2: Attach Your Documents

  • Prepare the required documents, including a motivation letter, a brief 3-minute video introducing yourself, and an updated CV.

Step 3: Submit Your Enrollment

  • If you qualify, you will receive the scholarship application link via email. Fill out the application form with the documents prepared in step 2.

Step 4: Await Notification

  • Wait for the award notification.

Step 5: Accept Your HAN University Scholarship

  • Once you’re selected, provide written scholarship acceptance.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to study in the Netherlands with the support of HAN University scholarships. Apply now and set yourself on the path to a brighter future.

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