Kennedy Scholarships in Harvard and MIT|UK

Harvard and MIT Kennedy Scholarships  for Uk

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The Kennedy Memorial Trust invites requests for Kennedy Grants acceptable at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and  Harvard Institution of higher education. Kennedy Grants offer complete education and charges at either organization plus a means-tested income of up to 27,250, US  dollars, along with a variety of other paybacks and chances. Grants are given for one educational year. Apprentices who are applying for a 2-year master’s degree will generally sheltered the essential finance for 2nd or succeeding years within their institution. Doctoral candidates are predictable to accept departmental subsidy and may obtain a support from the Trust of up to 20,000 US dollars to be used for exploration dedications, circulated over the first 4 years of their PhD program, in accumulation to the assistances related with a Kennedy Grant and being share of the Kennedy Scholar network. The Kennedy Grants were recognized as part of the UK’s official commemorative to President John F. Kennedy and have been granted yearly since 1965.

Other Criteria

Kennedy Grants are open to British people, normally inhabitant in the United Kingdom and mainly or wholly educated in the United Kingdom, who are or will be ex-students of a United Kingdom institution of higher education by the start date of the reward. Candidates must have inaugurated their scholar educations Kennedy Scholarships. Kennedy Grants are given from corner to corner the range Kennedy Scholarships of educational restraints and provision master’s and doctoral non-degree or programes learning as a Visiting Fellow or Special Student. Kennedy Grants offer capital but DO NOT carry involuntary admittance to MIT or Harvard. Grant candidates must APPLY DISTINCTLY for admittance to their favored course(s) meeting all deadlines and requirements. In awarding Grants, the Representatives will take into version applicants’ knowledgeable achievement, aptitude to prompt themselves, and an argued and well-researched situation for their projected course of study at MIT or Harvard at this point in their occupations. They also aspect for: potential to make a mark in public life; ability to overcome adversity; Kennedy Scholarshipscommitment to public service; and originality of mind.

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You must be learning in one of the following republics:

United States of America

Time limit

October 21st

You must be citizen of one of the following nations:

United Kingdom

Number of Awards

More than 10

You must be learning in  one of the following:

NO Restriction


means-tested stipend of up to $27,250+ Tuition & fees

Harvard and MIT Kennedy Scholarships  for Uk


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