Kazan Global Youth Summit 2022 in Russia Fully Funded

So, it’s time for the Kazan Global Youth Summit 2022 in Russia Fully Funded Call for the operations for the Kazan Global Youth Summit. Kazan is a megacity in Russia. SoStart and submit operations online for the Completely Funded Global Youth Summit in Kazan, Russia. The forum is open to Youth, delegatesspeakers, or anyone progressed 18- 35. Both manly and womanish actors are encouraged to apply. This isn’t an academic program. IELTS isn’t needed.

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The Kazan Global Youth Summit 2022 aims to bring scholarsActors Undergrads, Graduatesyouthful leaders, influencers, entrepreneurs, and experts to Collab and make networking with each other. The peak also aims to collect stylish practices and establish effective dialogue among strategic stakeholders on empowering youth’s part.
This is the stylish time to spend your summer abroad. The OIC Global Youth Summit will cover Accommodation, transportation, Flight charges, and artistic and dining charges in the host country. You can also apply for the TED Completely Funded Conference in Canada.

Details About Kazan Global Youth Summit 2022 in Russia 2022

  • Country: Russia
  • Duration: 27-30 August 2022
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: 10th August 2022

Financial Coverage

As Stated Above, the OIC Kazan Global Youth Summit Russia is a Fully Funded Summer Program for all the participants which will cover the following Expenses given below:

  • Travel: Round trip travel expenses from his/her country of residence to the camp will be covered.
  • Accommodation, Local Tour & Further Cost: Host organizers will cover domestic transportation, accommodation, food, and other relevant costs related to local hospitality.

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Eligible Countries

Citizen of an OIC Member State or representative of a Muslim community in a non-OIC Member State. Check 57 OIC Member States

Eligibility Criteria

  • Youth from the OIC Member States, Russia, and Muslim minorities in non-OIC Countries.
  • Ability to communicate in English
  • Age between 18–35
  • Leaders of youth associations, representatives of international organizations responsible for youth, youth influencers, young leaders, young entrepreneurs, young sportsmen-women, and academicians will have the advantage in the selection process.

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Application Deadline

The last date to apply for the Kazan Global Youth Summit 2022 Fully Funded Conference is 10th August 2022. Please, make sure to apply before the deadline.

How to Apply