Pestalozzi International Scholarship 2023-UWC Programme

Are you looking for Pestalozzi International Scholarship 2023-UWC Programme ?Pestalozzi Global Foundation (PIF) progressed its extensive standing studentship programme into a innovative corporation with UWC Universal In 2019, and organized s the Pestalozzi-UWC Funding Programme steering learners from needy and demoted backgrounds who would not have the chance to ample their learning without studentship support. As a finance partner, Pestalozzi offers the monetary provision for the designated learners to learn the two year Global Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. In August 2019 the first 5 Pestalozzi-UWC Researchers go in UWC Atlantic.

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Pestalozzi International Scholarship 2023 Selection Criteria

National Committees (NC) will identify suitable candidates during the UWC annual selection process. The successful Pestalozzi-UWC scholars will:

normally be aged 16-18 years old;

show high potential (academic and social) and will otherwise not have the opportunity to complete their secondary education;

able to think of clear examples of how to give back to UWC/PIF/their home communities in the future.
be aware of and committed to PIF’s values;
be able and eager to play an ambassadorial role for their communities when abroad; 

What sort of candidates are we looking for?

Pestalozzi International Scholarship 2023-UWC Academics should demonstrate great possible educational and societal benefits that they do not have the chance to ample their subordinate learning without a PIF grant and that they come from a battle, immigrant, in deportee/deprived circumstantial. In leading assortments, the NCs will take into explanation PIF’s demand to significances candidates who they are:

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  • Student must responsive and loyal to PIF’s values.
  • Applicant have previously betrothed in communal action or have some level of anxiety for their public and decent alertness of problems in their municipal.
  • Applicant capable and keen to play an diplomatic role for their society and overseas.
  • Student must be capable to consider the clear cases of how to give back to UWC/PIF/their household societies in the forthcoming.
  • Scholarship of Pestalozzi-UWC Programme

How the students are selected

Pestalozzi International Scholarship 2023 -UWC has a system of National Groups founded in practically every state of the globe. We will emphasis primarily on the 9 republics where we have traditionally presented grants. Our prevailing partner establishments in those republics will be fortified to suggest applicants assembling all our assortment standards to the National Committees. However, the procedure will also permit us to deliberate applicants from a broader variety of schools. Pestalozzi staff will have the chance to link the National Committee associates and perceive the assortment in each republic.

Selection Criteria for Pestalozzi International Scholarship 2023

National Committees (NC) will mark appropriate applicants during the UWC yearly selection procedure.

  • Age of applicant usually ranged between ages16 to 18 years old
  • Applicant should have to display high prospective and will then not have the chance to ample their secondary education.
  • Student must have come from a battle/expatriate/deprived/in deportee background.
  • Applicant come from a sidelined or depressed communal as predictable by the NC, liable on the suitable country situation, and not have the monetary means

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Required documents for Pestalozzi International Scholarship 2023

  • Intellectual Curiosity and Motivation
  • Active Commitment
  • Social Competence
  • Resilience, Personal Responsibility and Integrity
  • Motivation for UWC

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Application Process

The request and assortment timeline differs from nation to nation. Students interested in applying for a grant should visit the webpage of the particular UWC National Committee.

Visit website for more information: APPLY NOW

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