Rotary Yoneyama Scholarship 2024 In Japan | Fully Funded

Are you an international student dreaming of studying in Japan? The Rotary Yoneyama Scholarship for 2024 could be your golden ticket to make that dream come true. In this blog post, we will provide you with all the crucial information you need to know to seize this incredible opportunity.

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The Rotary Yoneyama Scholarship is a remarkable program offered by the Japanese Ministry to support international students in their pursuit of higher education. It’s a partially funded scholarship that generously covers a significant portion of your study expenses in Japan. The best part? If your final year of study is conducted in English, there’s no need for an IELTS scholarship. This requirement only applies to those whose previous coursework was not in English.

Key Details about the Rotary Yoneyama Scholarship 2024

Let’s delve into the core details of this scholarship:

  • Degree Levels: This scholarship caters to Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral programs.
  • Financial Support: The Rotary Yoneyama Scholarship is a fully funded opportunity, which is fantastic news for students in need of financial assistance.
  • Eligible Institutes: You can use this scholarship at any Japanese university of your choice.
  • Funding Source: The Rotary Yoneyama Foundation is the generous sponsor behind this scholarship.
  • Destination: If your academic destination is Japan, this scholarship is your perfect match.
  • Application Deadline: Mark your calendars! The application deadline for the Rotary Yoneyama Scholarship is 31st October 2024.

Scholarship Amount and Payment Details

Let’s talk numbers. The scholarship provides the following monthly stipends:

  • Undergraduates: You’ll receive 100,000 yen per month.
  • Master’s Students: Those pursuing a master’s degree will enjoy a monthly stipend of 140,000 yen.
  • Doctoral Students: Doctoral students also receive a monthly stipend of 140,000 yen.

But please note that research students are not eligible for this scholarship.

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Who Can Apply?

This scholarship is open to international students from around the globe. The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • For undergraduate programs, you need to have a higher secondary education or the equivalent of 12 years of study.
  • To qualify for master’s programs, a bachelor’s degree is required.
  • Doctoral program applicants must have completed a master’s degree.
  • The age limit for master’s and doctoral programs is not more than 35 years, with exceptions extending up to 40 years from the time of application.
  • An outstanding academic record and qualifications in research leading to master’s and doctoral degrees are expected.

Required Documents for the Scholarship

To complete your application successfully, you’ll need to submit a set of important documents:

  • An application for the scholarship.
  • A scholarship essay. Before you start writing, make sure to research and apply to Japanese universities or graduate schools.
  • Bachelor’s students should provide a copy of their application for admission to the university or graduate school.
  • Graduate school applicants should send a reference letter to the manager or professor at the applicant’s graduate school.
  • Overseas students should follow the application guidelines for the Rotary Yoneyama Scholarship.
  • A research plan at the Japanese university.
  • A recommendation letter.
  • A passport for international university students.

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Deadline for Application

Don’t miss this crucial date! The application deadline for the Rotary Yoneyama Scholarship is 31st October 2024, at 1 pm Japanese time for both the April and fall (September/October) 2024 intakes. Make sure all your application documents are submitted by this date to be considered.

Declaration of Selection Results

Wondering when you’ll hear back about the selection results? The schedule is as follows:

  • Mid-February 2024: Tentative selection results.
  • End of March 2024: Eligible candidates will receive a notice.

However, it’s important to note that if your admission to the university or graduate school is rejected, you’ll lose eligibility for the scholarship.


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