Scholarships To Study in Germany 2023 All Academic Disciplines

Applications are now open for the Scholarships To Study in Germany 2023 in All-Academic Disciplines. This bursary program is fully funded and open to undergraduate graduates (e.g., Bachelor, Diploma) as soon as they start their program. The program usually begins on October 1 of the following year after application, or earlier if the German language course is taken before the study program.

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LEVEL: Masters
 FUNDING: Fully Funded
 PLACE: Germany
 STATUS: Ongoing

Bursaries are offered through a Master’s degree in all fields of study at German universities or state-recognized universities. For students who would like to apply for art training and the field of construction, DAAD offers the following subject-specific study programs: Music, Fine Arts / Design / Film, Architecture etc.

This DAAD Scholarship is offered Scholarships To Study in Germany 2023 for a period of 10 to 24 months, depending on the length of the study program chosen. In the case of 2-year courses, additional funding is provided after the first year of study, if your academic achievement so far indicates that you will successfully complete the study program within a reasonable period of time. If you are already in Germany in the first year of a 2 year postgraduate study or Master’s program at the time of application, you can apply for a second year study. It is not possible to extend the scholarship.

Program Details

  • Host Institutions: A state or state-recognized German university of your choice in Germany.
  • Field of study: All Academic Disciplines.
  • Number of awards: Not specified.
  • Duration: Up to 24 months.

Target Group: Please find the full list of eligible countries below.

Germany Scholarships for Studies in All Disciplines Eligibility

To qualify for this study course in Europe, Applicants must meet the following requirements:

Become a foreign national applicant (see full list above).
They received their first university degree in any field of study recently when they started their bursary-supported study program.
As a rule, your university degree should not go back 6 years during the application deadline.
Your application will not be considered if you have been in Germany longer than 15 months at the last application period.
Applicants from third countries or applicants in Germany, who are residing in another country, are requested to contact the responsible branch office or local part of the DAAD before requesting to discuss the special requirements for special applications.
Scholarships should begin in the winter semester; impossible, starting, summer semester.
If you are enrolled in a Master’s or postgraduate degree program that includes study time abroad, sponsorship of this time abroad can usually take place under the following conditions: Research visits are essential to achieving the scholarship purpose, travel does not take. place in their home country, and no more than a quarter of the study time. Long hours can not be funded, not even half.
When applying for admission, you usually have to submit the relevant language certificate (eg DSH or Test Def. if the language of instruction is German, eg TOEFL or IELTS if the language of instruction is English). Therefore, you should already prove in your application to learn what level of teaching language knowledge (German, English, or German and English) of your chosen degree program you currently have. Please inquire at the universities in question as to whether the required language skills should be verified by applying for admission to the desired degree program.


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Eligible Countries

This scholarship program is open for citizens of the following countries : Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, the Republic of, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg,

Malta, Moldova, Republic of, Montenegro, Netherlands, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Norway, Palestinian Territories, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Saint Kitts and Nevis, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syrian Arab Republic (Syria), Tajikistan, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States of America, Uzbekistan, Vatican City, Yemen.

Scholarships To Study in Germany 2023 in All Disciplines Benefits

Eligible nominees for these masters bursaries will be offered the following benefits:

  • Monthly payment of 861 euros
  • One study grant
  • Travel expenses
  • Payments for health, accident and personal liability insurance.
  • Under certain circumstances, bursary holders may receive the following additional benefits:
  • Monthly rental subsidy
  • Monthly allowance to accompany family members
  • In the case of a disability or chronic illness: a subsidy for additional costs caused by a disability or chronic illness and is not covered by other providers: Additional information.
  • To enable bursary holders to learn German in preparation for their stay in the country, DAAD offers the following services:
  • Online language tuition fees after receiving a Scholarship Award
  • if necessary: ​​German language course (2, 4 or 6 months) before the start of the German visit; DAAD decides that it will fund participation and how long it takes depending on German language skills and the project. Participation in German language learning is mandatory if the language of instruction or working language is German at the German handling center. As a result of this epidemic, German studies can take place online.
  • German language study course selected at the time of study
  • Refund of Test DaF or DSH test money, which you can take in your home country after receiving a Prize or in Germany during your sponsorship period.

How to Apply for the Scholarships To Study in Germany 2023 in All Disciplines

Interested applicants who would like to apply for this DAAD Scholarship should click on the apply button below to register in the DAAD portal and follow given instructions to submit their applications. A Scholarship Award Letter from the DAAD is only valid if you have been admitted to study at the desired host university. Therefore, those who are not yet admitted to a German university should also apply for admission at their chosen university.

Application documents

Certificates, proof of credits, certifications and translations may be scanned in non-certified form and uploaded to the DAAD portal. The DAAD reserves the right to request certified copies of the documents.

  1. Online application form. Please click on the apply button below to register in the DAAD portal and submit your application.
  2. Full curriculum vitae in tabular form (max. 3 pages).
  3. Statement about academic and personal reasons for the planned study project in Germany (letter of motivation; 1 – 3 pages).
  4. Letter of admission to a study program; this can be subsequently submitted before the scholarship-supported study program begins if it is not available at the time of application.
  5. For a postgraduate or Master’s degree to be completed in Germany: Form “Information about your preferred master programs“.
  6. For a study period in Germany as part of a postgraduate or Master’s degree completed abroad: Proof that the academic achievements rendered in Germany will be recognized by the home university.
  7. A current Transcript of Records with individual grade(s).
  8. University degree certificate indicating final grade(s): the certificate must be subsequently submitted before the scholarship-supported study program begins, if studies have not been completed at the time of application.
  9. Proof of knowledge of language(s) of instruction in the chosen study program (should be no older than 2 years).
  10. Other documents you think might be of relevance to your application (e.g. certificates of employment, proof of extracurricular engagement).
  11. If you submit documents in your national language, please include German or English translations.
  12. Explanation of grading system (to be uploaded in the portal under “University degree certificates”).

Application deadline varies per country. Please click here and select your country to see the application deadline.