SOC101 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2022

SOC101 Assignment Part 1 Solution 2022: After completing this activity, students will be able to understand the role of ancient theorist in the development and development of social sciences as learning. Sociology is the scientific study of the social life of individuals, groups and communities. Social science as a separate process appeared about the middle of the 19th century when European social observers began using scientific methods to test their ideas. The various theorists contributed to the origin and development of human welfare through their work.

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In the given cases, the background and main function of social scientists are defined. Identify the theoretical term and record his three major contributions to the field of human welfare. Briefly describe the theory work and write it in your own words.

He was French and respected as the founder of social science. He moved from a small town to Paris. He encouraged the formation of new communities on two foundations of science and industry instead of religion and the relationship between landowner and labor. He was English. He believed that society operates under certain rules and that it varies from low to high. He was a social philosopher rather than a social researcher.

He was German. According to him the key to human history is the Conflict. He discussed the conflict between the two groups of people because of the rare economic resources in the social world. He presented one of the great ideas in Sociology.

He was French. His main goal was to make social science known as a separate educational discipline. He highlighted the important role of social cohesion in public life. A concept developed by a sociologist in which we learn how values, culture, and norms govern the actions and beliefs of individuals and society as a whole. He was German. His ideas about power and the social divisions in the world of society, which he shared in his book Economy and Society, led to the complex formation of socio-economic status and social class. The theorist has explained how the concept of power, wealth and fame distinguishes the people of the social world.

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