August 16, 2022

Summer USAID Internships 2022 Paid Internships | Apply Now

It is a great pleasure and moment to apply for Summer USAID Internships 2022. USAID Summer Internships has been an excellent program for many years. Student internships and recent graduate programs from USAID. This internship opportunity is open to all students (Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D. graduates). USAID offers paid and unpaid internships and scholarships to qualified talented students and recent graduates. USAID offers both on-site and virtual internship opportunities.

Both internships are paid. USAID is the United States Agency for International Development, an independent agency of the US federal government. Interns and fellows will work in one of USAID’s offices. Interning with USAID will add a boost to your academic resume. Available in multiple fields.

Many of the best internships are announced this year as you can view the full list of internships for summer 2022 students. No IELTS or application fee required. Contact us and read all the USAID summer internship details below.
Type of work as an intern
Work assigned to an intern or fellow varies in complexity based on educational experience and may include:

Details About Summer USAID Internships 2022

  • Interns and Fellows generally work in one of USAID’s offices in Washington, D.C., or a country where USAID works.
  • The Internships Applications start in July and end in July.
  • Supporting program work in economic growth, agriculture, education, health, environment, democracy and governance, conflict prevention, and humanitarian assistance.
  • Internships and Fellowships allow students the opportunity to explore Federal careers and offer valuable work experience.

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Type of Work to do as an Internship

The work assigned to an Intern or a Fellow varies in complexity by educational experience and may include

  • Research
  • Writing program memoranda
  • Elaboration of documents
  • Facilitating meetings and special events
  • Participating in agency, State Department, or Capitol Hill discussions about the program
  • Communicating programmatic issues with USAID field missions abroad and with multiple USAID stakeholders and the general public
  • Attending employee engagement and mentoring events
    USAID paid internships

    1. Internship program
    The Internship Program This program is designed to provide students enrolled in a wide variety of educational institutions, from high school through the graduate level, opportunities to work in agencies and explore federal careers while still in school while being paid for the work they do.

Internships offer students invaluable hands-on experience in temporary work that does not translate into permanent employment.

2. Virtual student internships

USAID works with the State Department to offer virtual internship opportunities to students regardless of their geographic location through the Virtual Student Federal Service Program..

The timeline for the Virtual Student Internship is as follows:

  • May: Mentors submit internships
  • July: Students apply for internships
  • August: Mentors select students for internships
  • September: Internships start

How to Apply for the Summer USAID Internships 2022

Submit your online applications by the deadline. The internship period usually ends at the end of July each year.