Thomson Reuters Internship 2022 Paid Program

Thomson Reuters Internship2022 applications in the USA are open to foreign students. The internship period is up to 3 months. Internship is a paid position. A person with a high level of advertising and a desire to be part of a growing, successful and efficient team? If so, Thomson Reuters has a good chance for you! Marketing Internship is a paid position and will give you exposure to our products, marketing ideas, customer insights and more

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Summary of Thomson Reuters Internship

Institutions (s): Thomson Reuters
Location: United States of America
Areas of focus: Marketing, technology, marketing, journalism, law, finance, operations, consultation, product strategy, planning and production.
Study Time: The internship period is 3 to 6 months.
Last Time to Get Into Work: As your school semester, our regular recruitment cycle has the first few days in early January, May, and September.

Benefits of Thomson Reuters Internship

Being a Thomson Reuters Intern has its advantages:

Internship culture

Internally focused events, weekly social hours, Dedicated Internal Thanksgiving Day, fire negotiations, partnerships with Business Resources Groups, and a well-respected corporate culture given our diversity and inclusion.


Competitively paid internships with corporate holidays and a “Returnship” opportunity!

Learning and development:

Personal and professional growth through on-the-job training from mentors and care managers. Connect with group partners around the world through our Ten Thousand Coffees Cafe.

Social impact

Internal volunteer days with opportunities to volunteer with our Business Resources Groups to make an impact on your community.


 Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must complete the following Thomson Reuters Internship procedures:

Required Languages: English.
Eligible countries: All countries of the world
Currently junior or senior university accredited
Strong GPA required (3.0 or higher).

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How do you apply for a Thomson Reuters Internship?

Please follow the following application instructions to win the Thomson Reuters Internship:

1. Apply online

As your school semester, our regular recruitment cycle has the first few days in early January, May, and September.

Join us on campus and check out our new activities at the beginning of each year! And don’t forget to sign up for our network of talents to get job alerts that match your level and interest. Or, check out our open works anytime here.

2. We test your strength

Some of our marketing and technology positions may require testing (using) Pymetrics and Hacker Rank. If your role needs further testing, details will be included in your access email from our team.

3. Prepare your conversation

To make it easier for you, we start with HireVue – an interview app – so you can chat at home or on campus on your mobile devices.

You will be invited for an interview with someone from our recruitment team. Read our activity blog for tips and tricks from our Talent Discovery team.

4. Have we allowed our conversation? Your offer is on the way!

Congratulations! If you secure an internship, our campus team will be reached by email for more information.


To learn more about the Thomson Reuters Internship, please visit the official website

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