use of computer in different fields

  • Use of computer in different fields

Use of computer in different fields. In many parts of the world, it is impossible to use a product or service. that does not utilize a computer device. There are some fields where we use computer to perform our tasks. Use of computer in different fields is necessary. There are different field where we use computers. So we discussed them briefly.

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  • Bank ATM
  • Business
  • Communication
  • Defense and military
  • Education
  • Internet
  • Medical
  • Robotics
  • Simulations

Use of computer in different fields increases its importance. So these points tells the use of computer in different fields

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  •  Bank ATM;

Use of computer in different fields. Includes bank ATM. Bank ATM is a big point in which use of computer perform a serious task.

For example, when you make a withdraw from an ATM, you are using a computer.

  •  Digital currency; Use of computer in different fields also tells about digital currency.
  • A computer keeps track of how much money is in your  bank account. Computer also save your record of your account and your money
  • Trading: Use of computer in different fields is includes in trading. Trading is a big task for computer to perform it.
  • In fact, today there are even thousands of computers. using advanced algorithms that handle trading without needing human power.
  • Business: 

Use of computer in different fields also includes business. Use of computer is more use in business field. Without computer we can not progress more in our business.


  • Register: computers are used in business. which deals with selling goods to a consumer (e.g., a grocery store, or utility store), a cash register, which is a computer, is used to complete transactions of customers.
  • Workers computer: Many businesses assign each employee a computer to do work privately.
  • This thing allows them to produce work. and solve problems for the company quickly.
  • Server: Use of computer is also in server which produce more benefits.if the business uses computers, connects to the Internet. or handles e-mail and files, a server is used to help manage everything which increases their profit..
  • Communication:

Use of computer in different fields includes  communication field to communicate with everyone.


  • Smartphone: use of computer is mainly in smartphone.  If you have a smartphone, you have a small computer in your pocket.
  • E-mail: More electronic mail (e-mail) is sent today than postal mail (snail mail) quickly.  Computers handle all creation and distribution of that e-mail more easily than a postman.
  • VoIP: All voice over IP communication (VoIP) is controlled.and handled by computers.
  • Computer-Assisted: Those who are disabled or cannot speak can use a computer to help them communicate. because they have to communicate. For example, Stephen Hawking uses a computer to communicated by people all over the world.
  • Voice recognition: Voice recognition uses a computer to translate  all types of languages. Computer converts recorded audio into text or other data. it is a big advantages for the users.
  • Defense and military:

Use of computer in different fields includes defense  and military.

  • Encryption: Secure communication is vital in the defense industry by computers.  computers encrypt communications that should remain secret for a long time task.
  • GPS: Using computers with GPS allows the military to track people  easily from  everywhere. This equipment is still used today for the trace of a person.
  • Computer-aided flight: Many of today jets and other aircraft require computers to fly and operate the plane. So computer use in defense to much
  • Drones: A drone is either autonomous and a source of capturing pics and videos..driven  uses computers to operate the drones to follow a person.
  • Education:

Use of computer in different fields includes education sector also. As computers evolve, so does how computer are used in the education sector.

Below is a list of how a computer can be used in education now a days .

  • Internet : Connecting a student to the Internet gives him access to an endless supply of knowledge  for students internet is a big example to prove the use of it  in education field mentioned here the Internet would not be possible without computers. So use of internet is connected to the computer.
  • earning: Computer also used to help design and create and modified  a more visual learning experience for students.
  • Using electronic whiteboards with computer can also benefit a student by giving them a more hands-on experience and also able to earn money.
  • Writing:  Although reports can still be done using pen, pencil, or even a typewriter but it is difficult to done.
  • A computer makes it easier to write, format, save, share, and print reports more accurate and quickly.
  • Keep records: Computer track students scores, identify struggling students, and create a file of every student.
  • Testing: computer save the data for student for all time.
  • Computer give opportunity  to students and teachers with the testing process by stepping the student through a series of question.
  • Internet:
  • Map of the Internet; Without computer, the Internet would not exist because it is part of computer basically. Below are a some  examples that how  help run the Internet.
  • DNS: When you type in a URL like, a DNS work
  • . Then it  directs the computer to the server and gives us the related data.
  • Web server: Every web page needs a web server to receive or send request.
  • computer capable  also perform the same task of receiving and sending requests. When someone wants or need  to view a web page.
  • Program:  A computer is also needed to run programs. For example, a search engine, shopping cart, or forum  or other major programs are all examples of programs that need a computer.
  • Services: Other services like e-mail, FTP local apps or zip file, and SSH also require a computer to perform this accurately.
  • Medical:

Use of computer in different fields includes medical field also.

There are some examples of how computers help those in the medical field.

  • Medical records: More and more medical records are being digitally stored in a computer. Storing these files digitally allow for quick access and transfer of medical information of the patients
  •  So that doctors can know the history of the patient easily and quickly.
  • Monitoring: Computers help with monitoring a patient  with advanced methods.
  • Computers can alert staff in the case of an emergency of any patient at any time.
  • Research: A lot of the medical research is computer assisted so that doctors can find the solution more quickly.
  • Without the assistance of a computer, it would either not be possible  to search these things easily.
  • Diagnosis: Computers can assist in the diagnosis of a patient for its safety and health.
  • From gathering a patient’s history and conditions to comparing the condition after and before operations.
  • Surgery: Although most surgery is still done with humans but some new are done y computers.
  • It is becoming more practical and accessible for computer – surgery  of any disease.
  • Robotics:

Use of computer in different fields includes robotic . Robots is exploding and computers once again play an important role in controlling robots now a days.

There  are some examples of how computers help. control robotic machinery these days.

  • Control: Computers are what help control robotics machinery quite smoothly. For example, without a computer, a robotic arm.
  • would not know where to place the things . the computers make a program. according to this robots work.
  • Learning:
  • Computers can take the input given by a robot and robot gives output according to the sutation.
  • The computers take  information to help learn and adapt to new conditions according to the robot power.
  • Simulations;

Use of computer in different fields includes simulations. Some problems are so complex that it would be impossible for humans to calculate.

the big office accounts. Human would take too long to calculate these all. Computers help solve these complex problems in no time and its accuracy is hundred percent correct.

  • Weather prediction: Earth has an extremely complex weather system due to computer
  • . Computers gather all of the variables and create weather reports at least of next fifteen days onward.
  • Big data simulation: With cheap data storage companies can now store a massive amount of data in a computer quite safely. With this big data, a computer can find unknown patterns and stores thousand of data is small place.
  • So it is very big function of computer to store big data quite nicely. So these are some use of computer in different fields.
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