World Bank Professional Associates Program 2022-2023

The World Bank Professional Associates Program welcomes new Applications for the 2021-22 academic year. Young and new students have the opportunity to learn about new and existing challenges and opportunities in today’s world through The World Bank Professional Associates (JAP) 2021.

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The World Bank aims to contribute to global development as it has a long-term impact on the Bretton Woods program. As a result, the World Bank’s Youth Compensation Scheme has been expanded to cover all development areas. Qualifications for the following subject fields may apply for this program:

  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Human resource management
  • Agriculture
  • Infrastructure development
  • Private sector development
  • Information Technology
  • The law
  • Public health
  • Education
  • Nutrition
  • Social science
  • Anthropology
  • Social
  • Communication
  • And other related fields.

New professionals from around the world are welcome to join WB YPA 2021 to unite global minds for a brighter and more productive future.

So what are you waiting for? See all the details provided for this application and apply

Description of the World Bank Professional Associates Program 2021

A description of the World Bank Professional Associates Program for the academic year 2021-22 is provided below:

  • Hosted region: Duplicate (Global based on business needs).
  • Program title: World Bank Professional Associates Program 2021-22 (Fully Sponsored)
  • Students enrolled in any university can apply for it freely.
  • Hosting Center / Organization: This program is announced under The World Bank
  • Applications are now open for the 2021-22 academic year
  • Number of prizes: Unspecified
  • Registration fee: Not applicable
  • Financial Assistance: Many benefits
  • Available Instructions / Fields: Alternative
  • Gender suitability: There is no limit
  • There is no age limit
  • Deadline: No deadline

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Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria for the World Bank Professional Associates Program for the 2021-22 academic year are provided below:
All graduates around the world are eligible for this program.
Interested applicants must have 04 years of study at any recognized university / institution at the time of application.
There is also an age limit for this program. Applicants must be under 28 years of age.
Students must be physically and mentally fit.
You need to have good communication skills and language fluently in effective communication.
Applicants who are competent in any of the official languages ​​of the bank (Arabic, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish) will be offered a choice.
Students who do not have any ETP activity are eligible.
All available fields are listed below. Students from these officers and articles can only apply.
Instructions / Forums Available


The World Bank Professional Associates Program 2021-22 is an amazing opportunity for young people and professionals. It will give you access to technical information at the level of entry into the Premier’s development center, on a two-year, non-renewable contract for Extension Term Consultant (ETC) and benefits. All its benefits are:
All selected students will receive a fair salary.
The World Bank will provide an agreement for all selected individuals to work with them for a period of 02 years without limitation.
An amazing opportunity to create a career in one of the world’s leading and leading organizations.
And much more.


The deadline for the World Bank Professional Associates Program 2021-22 is not specified. You can apply at any time for all your qualifications. So you don’t have to worry about it. Sign up for yourself as soon as possible with this program.

How to apply

So, have you checked all the details for this program? Are you interested and qualified? In that case the wait is over. The entire application process is online. Follow the links provided below for an effective application process. Follow the links provided below to gain access to the application form. Please be sure to read all the terms and conditions of this application.
Follow the steps in the successful application process for the World Bank Professional Associates Program.
Follow the links provided below at the end of the post and access the official website.

  1. Register yourself.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Start filling out the application form.
  4. Provide accurate details.
  5. Upload Required Documents.
  6. And submit the request.

The next step is to wait for the announcement of their results and further communication. Good luck to you!

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