Scholarships In Austria Without IELTS 2024 – Top 3 Universities

Are you also in search of scholarships in Austria without IELTS? Yes, this could be a Scholarship in Austria other than the IELTS International Bachelor, Master’s, and Ph.D. System plans. It is a great opportunity for foreign students to study in Austria without IELTS. As we all know Austria is famous for its quality of Education. In this article, we guide you about the study in Austria.

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The Austrian government allows international students to study without IELTS. Most Austrian universities offer you the opportunity to study in Austria without needing English. Scholarships are fully funded and the Austrian government will pay all expenses. A wide range of fields of education have been awarded in the fields of Natural Sciences, Technology, Human Medicine, Agricultural Sciences, Social, Humanities, Arts, Health Sciences, and Medical Science.

Austria is a European country. Europe is the best place to learn. We encourage you to apply for a Scholarship in Austria Without IELTS. There are also Full Scholarships available in European countries as well. More information about scholarships besides IELTS in the Republic of Austria’s Government is available below.

Scholarships in Austria Without IELTS 2024 Details

  • Country: Austria
  • Course Level: Short Course, Undergraduate, Masters, PhD
  • Scholarship Coverage: Fully Funded

List of Austrian Universities Without IELTS

Here you can see a list of Austrian Universities Without IELTS. There are many other universities in Austria besides IELTS. If you want to study in Austria without IELTS you will need to look at those universities whose application requirements do not include IELTS points. Lists of Universities are provided below.

  1. Modul University, Vienna
  2. Vienna University
  3. Technical University Graz
  4. University of Applied Science Technikum Wien
  5. Vienna University of Economics and Business
  6. Johannes Kepler University
  7. University of Salzburg
  8. University of Innsbruck

List Of Scholarship In Austria without IELTS

Austrian Government Scholarship

Austrian Government Scholarships are available for Undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. Undergraduate program at Austria University. Austria is a European country, famous for its educational quality. Scholarship Sponsored by Austria Development Corporation.

Institute of Science and Technology Austria Scholarship

International students from all over the world are eligible to apply for the IST Scholarship. Applications are now open for IST Scholarship. IST Scholarship is a Full Payment Scholarship and will cover the full cost of the entire program.

The great thing about the IST Scholarship is that both Bachelor, & Masters’s Degree Students can apply for IST Ph.D. Student

Austrian Development Cooperation Scholarship

Scholarships are Fully-Funded and all expenses during the study in Austria will be covered by AUSTRIAN DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION. There are two types of scholarships:

  1. ADC advanced Scholarships
  2.  Scholarships of developing countries.

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