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Effect of agriculture on Environment pollution by Agriculture

Agriculture is a source of economic developmental and livelihood on one hand, but pollution due to it leads to a number of environment health hazards. The nature of pollution and way they behave in environment are of high importance
Agriculture pollutions
Is defining as the phenomena of damage contamination and ecosystem and the health hazard due to the byproduct of facing practices.

Environmental Pollution

, cause injury to human health and their economic interests.
Contamination of soil, air and water environments resulting from farming activities SOIL AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE .
The primary factors that cause pollution are following:
* Nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus)
* Sediments
* Wastes
* Pesticides
* salts

Sources of water pollution:
Most of water pollution is manmade. It may also occur naturally by addition of soil particle through erosion, animal waste and leaching of minerals from rocks

Industrial waste
Waste water discharged from industries and commercial bodies like chemical, food processing industries, textile, paper industries.
They discharge several organic and inorganic pollutants that proven highly toxic to living beings.
Inorganic pollutants

They include oil, fats, phenols, organic acids grease and several other organic compounds.
Agricultural wastes
Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are the potential source of water pollution.

Marine pollution
s. Sewage and garbage of coastal cities are dumped into the sea. Also include oils, grease, detergents from ships.
Thermal pollution
Thermal pollution is caused by the rise in temperature of water. Thermal and nuclear power plants are main source of thermal pollution.
Sudden rise in temperature kills the aquatic animals.
Air pollution


A substance in the air that cause harm to environment called air pollutant
Causes of air pollution:
* Carbon dioxide
* Sulphur dioxide
* Sulphur Oxide
Land pollution
Land pollution
is the destruction of land surface often cause by human activities. It occurs when waste is not disposed properly.
Causes of land pollution:
* Construction
* Agriculture
* Domestic waste
* Industrial waste
Sources of noise pollution:
* Agricultural or other industries
* Loud speakers
* Transportation systems
* Tillage implements as tractor etc.

Greenhouse effect :

Effects of greenhouse effect:
* Pooler ice caps will melt causing rise in ocean level.
* Change in habitats ,climatic conditions.
Effects of agricultural pollution
* Public health: In drinking water, high concentration of nitrates can cause blue baby syndrome a potentially fatal disease in infants.


* soil: soil erosion, loss of fertility,
salinization, water logging ,desertification
Controls / management measures
Pollution control means control of emissions
and effluents into air, water and soil.
* Control of gaseous pollutants through combustion ,adsorption, technique.
* By planting more and more tree.
* By filtering emissions from industries.
* By proper sewage treatment.
* Recycling of material used.
* By using proper disposing of waste.
* Smoke control action plan.
Other controls:
* solid organic wastes should be converted into compost manure.
* Solid waste like ash ,rubbish ,tins ,glass pieces should be disposed of by landfill methods in low- lying areas


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