Home Networks  And Wireless transmission media

Home Networks  And Wireless transmission media:

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home networks and wireless transmission media are very necessary these days because people are become more reliable on these facilities.

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  • Types of wireless transmission media
  • Home network

Home network

“A home network is a type of network that connects two or more computers to each other.”



  • Connect to internet at same time.
  • Home networks Share single high speed internet connection.
  • This network Access files and programes on other computer in a house.
  • Play multiplayer games with players with other computer in a house.

Types of network

1)    Wired home networks

 2)    Wireless home networks

Wired home netwoeks

Wired home network use wires or cabels to transfer data.

Most wired networks use  cables to transfer data between connected PCs.”

Types of home networks

  1. Ether net
  2. Power line cable network
  3. Phone line network


Some home users have an Ethernet network.

Traditional Ethernet network requires that each computer built in networking capabilities Require wiring.

Powerline cable network

This network that uses the same lines that bring electricity into house. This network requires no additional wiring


Phone line network.

A phone network is easy to install and inexpensive network that uses exiting telephone lines in the house.


Wireless home network

  • “Home network that use signals instead of wires or cables.”
  • Easy to setup .
  • Allow easy access to smartphone, tablets and mobile devices.


Types of wireless home network

  • Home RF:

Home radio frequency network uses radio waves, instead of cables to transmit data.

The  home RF send signals through air up to 150 feet forward.

  • Wi-Fi:

 Wi-Fi also use radio waves and it send signals over a wider distance than the home RF network up to 1500 feet.


Wireless Transmission Media

Wireless transmission media is more convenient than installing cables. In addition to the  wireless transmission media is also used in location where it is impossible to install cable or lines.


Some Types of wireless transmission media

  • Broadcast radio
  • Communication satellite
  • Microwaves
  • infrared
  • cellular radio
  • Infrared :
  • Infrared is a wireless transmission..
  • It send signals using infrared light wave for the benefits of users.
  • Devices use infrared waves to transfer data from one device to another.


 2–    Broadcast Radio:

It is a wireless transmission that distributes radio signals through the air over long distance such as between cities, regions and countries and at short distance such as within an office or home Bluetooth, Home RF Wi-Fi use broadcast radio signals to provide high quality signals to the peoples.

3-Cellular radio:

Cellular radio is the form of broadcast radio that is used for mobile communications, specifically wireless modems and cellular telephones also.

Cellular telephone device use high- frequency radio waves to transmit voice and digital data messages.


Microwaves are radio waves that provide a high- speed signal transmission very accurately.

Microwave transmission are also called fixed wireless. It involves sending signals from one microwave station to another very precisely.

5 Communication satellite:

A communication satellite is a space station that receive microwaves signals from the satellite and it gives the signals to us. By this we communicate with everyone in whole world.

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