Types of computers and their characteristics

Types of Computers and their characteristics:

Types of computers are categorized in two ways: one is on the basis of data handling capabilities and  on the basic of size.

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basis of data handling capabilities the computer is of three  main types :


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  • Analogue Computer
  • Digital Computer
  • Hybrid Computer

1) Analogue Computer

Analogue computers are used to process data from memory.  data is continuous data that change continuously. it  cannot have discrete values. This computers are used where we don’t need exact values always such as pressure, speed, temperature, and current. Types of computers and their characteristics

Types of Analogue computers:

There are three types of analogue computers:

Slide Rules:

This is one of the simplest types of analogue computers. It was used to perform basic mathematical calculations. This is made up of two rods. The hashed rod is slid to line up with the markings on another rod to do work. Types of computers and their characteristics

Differential Analysis:

It was made to perform differential calculations. This performs integration of all types using wheel-and-disc mechanisms to solve differential calculations.

Castle Clock:

It was discovered by Al-Jarazi. Its main function to save programming instructions.. It was provided with the display of time, the zodiac,  the solar and the lunar orbits. This device also could allow users to set the length of the day.

2) Digital Computer

Digital computer is develop to perform calculations and logical operations at high speed. It accepts the raw data as input in the form of digits also in binary numbers (0 and 1). It  processes it with programs stored in its memory to produce the output. All modern computers like laptops, desktops including smart phones all are digital computers.

Characteristics of digital computers:

  • Digital computer allows you to store a large amount of information. It also use to retrieve it easily whenever you need it.
  • In this type of computer you can easily add new features to digital systems more easily.
  • The cost of hardware is less due to the advancement in the IC technology than the old computers.
  • This type of computer offers high speed as the data is processed digitally more than the other computers.
  • It is highly reliable as it uses error correction codes than other types of computers.

3) Hybrid Computer

Hybrid computer is the combination of analogue and digital computer. This type of computer is  fast like an analogue computer and has memory and accuracy like digital computers. This type of computer can process both continuous and discrete data and so on.

Characteristics of using Hybrid computers:

  • This type of computer produces precise and quick results. These are more accurate and useful for these days.
  • This computer has the ability to solve the equations. This also manage big equation in real-time.
  • It helps in the on-line data processing for the modern age..

There are five types of computer with respect of size. types of computers and their characteristics are also discussed below.

1) Supercomputer

Supercomputers are the biggest in size. It are the fastest computers. These can process trillions of instructions in a Small time. these has thousands of interconnected processors which work nicely. Types of computers and their characteristics

Characteristics of supercomputers:

  • Supercomputer has the ability to decrypt your password to enhance for security reasons.
  • Supercomputers also produces excellent results in animations.
  •  These computers are used for virtual testing of nuclear weapons
  • Supercomputers helps in designing the flight simulators for pilots.
  • These computers playa vital role in managing the online currency world.

2) Mainframe computer

Mainframe computers are developed to support hundreds and thousands of users simultaneously. These types of computer support multiple programs at a same time. Mainframe can execute different processes simultaneously and accurately.


Characteristics of Mainframe Computers:

  • This type of computer process huge amount of data. For example millions of transactions in quick second in the banking.
  • These computers have  a very long life.
  •  Mainframe can work smoothly for up to 50 years after proper installation.
  • This computer provide excellent performance with large scale memory management.
  • These computer has the ability to protect the stored data.

3) Mini frame or Minicomputer

Types of computers and their characteristics

This type of computer has a medium size multiprocessing computer. It consists of two or more than the two  processors. Mainframe can support 4 to 200 users at one time for work. Mini frame computers are used mostly in institutes, offices, and  departments for tasks such as billing, accounting and inventory management or in big industries. types of computers and their characteristics are also discussed their.

Types of computers and their characteristics

Characteristics of Mini frame computers:

  • Minicomputers are very light weight that makes it easy to carry it or fit anywhere.
  • Miniframes are less expensive than mainframe computers because of its size.
  • These computers are very fast compared to its small  size.
  • These computers have a big battery that remains charged for a long time.
  • These could not require a controlled operational environment.

4) Workstation

This type of computer is a single user computer. Workstation are designed for technical and  scientific applications. Woekstation consists of a faster microprocessor. A large amount of RAM and high speed graphic adapters is added in this computer.

Types of computers and their characteristics


Characteristics of Workstation computers:

  • Multiple Processor Cores:
  •  Workstations computers contain more processor cores than simple laptops or computers or old computers.
  • ECC RAM:
  • Workstations computers has been provided with Error-correcting code memory that can fix memory errors easily.
  • SSD:
  • Workstation computer have a better  hard disk than conventional hard-disk drives. these drives are not moveable, the chances of physical failure is very low.
  • Optimized, Higher end GPU:
  • Workstation reduces the load on CPU because of its processor. Cpu has to do less work while processing the screen output because no physical cpu is seemed.
  • 5) Microcomputer

Microcomputer is the type of computer also known as a personal computers. Micro computer is  a general-purpose computer that is designed for individual use only. Microcomputer contains a microprocessor as a central processing unit, memory, storage area, input unit.

Types of computers and their characteristics

Characteristics of a microcomputer:

  • Microcomputer is smallest in size in all types of computers.
  • Only one user can work at a time this computer.
  • Microcomputer are less expansive and easy to use foe a person.
  • Microcomputers are of multitasking such as printing, scanning, watching.
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  • Types of computers and their characteristics

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