Computers and its parts with detail

Computers and its parts with detail

Computers and its parts with detail

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Definition of Computer:

it is a machine, which works according to the instructions which are given to it by some programs.

  • Parts of computer:
  •  There are many parts of computers of different size and different shapes but some parts are compulsory of every computer device some have different specifications of different data and space. Simple computers have these parts: Computer is a machine
  • Monitor:
  •  Monitor is the main part of computer. All the work is done by this. It is very necessary part of computer. Every computer contain a single monitor. Monitor is the thing on which we see our work display images, videos, information and we done all our work on it.
  • cathode-Ray Tube (CRT):
  •  it is also the part of computer. The big size computers containing weight bulky are cathode rays tube computers these are old and having big size. Nowadays  these computers are not available .
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD):
  • It is also the main part of computer. After the cathode rays tube a new version of computers are called liquid crystal display means LCD. These computers become very popular in very short period of time. Because they show display more clear and smooth. Their working is more benefiter the old age computers .with detail Computer is a machine
  • Light-Emitting Diode (LED):
  • The new age computer is known as light emitting diode means LED. These computers are every where. These are less expansive. Example  phones tablets laptops and desktops.
  • System Unit:
  • Brain and house of computer is known as system unit. New modern devices for examples laptops tablets phones are all in one computers. They do not have separate system units SU
  • also see.
  • keyboard:
  • Keyboard is the main part of a computer. It consists of characters and different letters. These are helpful for us to do our task and write some work on it.
  • Mouse:
  • Mouse is the instructor of a computer by this we touch our target what ever we want. Without this we cannot do our task easily.
  • also see
  • Motherboard:
  • The part where all the components of a computers are connected are called motherboard. Motherboard is also the main part of pc
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU):
  • Brain or mind of a computer is known as central processing unit CPU. All the work is done by cu.
  • Random Access Memory (RAM):
  • Temporary storage of data is known as random access memory RAM. RAM  is also the main part of computer but it is internal part of computer,
  • Hard Disks and Memory Cards:
  • The area where all the data is stored is the hard disk or memory card of a is also the main part of pc it stores the data inside it for long time.

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